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2007 Bowden Kristen textResearching Bowden/Bawden of St Gluvias 2017-05-13
1750 2000 Carne Kieran Carne textFamily History research for the Carne family of Penryn 2017-05-09
1568 2000 Penryn Hallamore neil Anthony textUnique surname - in Penryn in 1569 muster, pirates ca. 1655 - 1718 when returned to Penryn. 1683 NYC piracy trial has John (6 greats grandfather), as a pirate accused. 2018-01-01
0 Penryn Hellings Wendy Stacey textResearching all Hellings and Hellens. 2018-02-26
1830 1900 Kerr Anna textLooking for descendants of William SATTERLEY, miller, of West St; two daughters married TRENGOVE & KNUCKEY 2017-05-11
1800 2000 King-Nicholls Graham Warmington textFrancis and King-Nicholls (any Penryn connections with either name) 2017-05-12
1599 1851 Penryn Lukey David Eniffer textPossibly Thomas Lukey through to Charles Lukey 1831-1874. 2018-02-09
1820 0 Martins Loraine Cairns textBorn Jan 4, 1820, Penryn. John Richard Martins 2017-05-11
1740 1800 Nicholas Rick textMary Nicholas married John Williams 1772 in St. Gluvias, and family 2017-05-11
1800 1840 PETERS Heather textThomas PETERS Snr. & Jnr. possibly living at Ponsanooth 2017-05-11
1700 2000 Treglown Noreen Weitkamp textResearching Henry Treglown (b1867), son of Anne (b1820) 2017-05-10
1580 2000 Treneer Graham Warmington textSeeking connections with anyone wih this name (& variants). 2017-05-12
1800 2000 Warmington Graham Warmington textLooking for any links with my family name 2017-05-12
1700 1900 Williams Rick textJohn Williams married Mary Nicholas 1772 in St. Gluvias, and family. 2017-05-11

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