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Bailey Business Directory of 1783


Market Day, Saturday

Adams, John, Corn-factor
Anderson, John, Linen and Woollen-draper
Behenna, Robert, Maltster
Bolitho, Edward, Tanner and Barker
Crowgey, Robert, Tallow chandler
Crowgey, William, Attorney at Law
Crowle, James, Flour and Beer Merchant
Croggon, Thomas, Mercer and Draper
Davis, Martin, Attorney at Law
Davis, John, Attorney at Law
Dixon, John, Draper and Grocer
Edgcombe, John, Tanner and Barker
Edgcombe, James, Carrier and Leather-cutter
Gray, James, Linen and Woollen-draper
Harris, William, Grocer
Harry, John, Jeweller, Watch-maker, and Hardwareman
Heame and Treeve, Merchants
Hugoe, Thomas, Mercer. Draper, and Grocer
Jackson, William, Surgeon
Lug, Je. Maltster and Flour-dealer
Olive, Thomas, Watch and Clock-maker, and Gunsmith
Pellows, Joanna, Ironmonger
Penwarne, John, Attorney at Law
Price, Peter and Co., Irish Merchants, Corn, and Flour Factors
Rawling, William, Builder and Architect
Reed, Thomas, jun. Ropemaker
Richards, William, Attorney at Law
Richards, Philip, Merchant
Robins, Christopher, Tanner and Barker
Stona, John, Mercer and Draper
Street, Samuel, Surgeon
Thomas, John, Attorney at Law
Treeve and Neale, Brewers
Williams, William, Surgeon