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A Table of Surplus Fees as agreed upon by the Vicar and Parishioners at a public vestry convened for that purpose A.D. 1826

Baptisms Free at all times when morning or evening services are regularly performed at Church. At other times Vicar 2/6, Clerk 2/6, Sexton 1/6

Banns of Marriage PublishedVicar 1/-, Clerk 1/-
Certificate of Publication Vicar 2/6

Marriages by Banns Vicar 5/-, Clerk 2/6, Sexton 1/6
License Vicar 10/6, Clerk 5/3, Sexton 5/3

Burialsin a common Grave & between the hours of 2 & 6 P.M. in Winter or of 4 & 8 P.M. in Summer Vicar 2/6, Clerk 1/6, Sexton 4/-

Every Grave to be at least 6 feet in depth & 2 ½ feet in breath

Extra depth of 7 feet Sexton 5/3
8 feet Sexton 6/6
9 feet Sexton 8/-

In bricked Graves Vicar 5/-, Clerk 3/-, Sexton 6/-

In Graves of extra dimensions additional Fees in proportion to their superficial Measurement.

The burials at other hours but not before 8 A.M. or after 8 P.M. in Winter or 10 P.M. Summer Vicar 10/6, Clerk 5/3, Sexton 5/3. Before 8 A.M. or after 8 P.M. in Winter or 10 P.M. in Summer double of the last fees.

Fees to be paid to the Churchwardens for the time being in order to form a special Parochial Fund wherefrom to improve and enlarge when wanted the burying ground:

For every bricked Grave of common dimensions 20/-
For every Grave in the line commencing at the N.E. Corner of the New Burying Grounds 10/-
For every bricked grave of extra dimensions additional fee in proportional to its superficial measurement.

For every Monument erected over a common Grave, or rails erected round it 20/- and for extra Graves in proportion to their superficial dimensions.

For every common Grave to a Non-Parishioner 5/- and for all other graves double the fees which are charged to a Parishioner.

That no Grave be opened in the old Church Yard without the special permission of the Vicar in writing. The Vicar stated it to be his intention to charge the sum of ten shillings to the use of the Parish for every Grave so opened in the Old Church Yard.