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Leland's Itinerary of 1535

John Leland has been described as the father of English local history and biography. He made a series of itineraries throughout England and documented his journeys.

Part III

There was an other house of the Keligrewis descending out of this: and it was in the toun of Penrine. Now both these houses be joynid yn one.

The very point of the haven mouth being an hille wheron the king hath buildid a castel is caullid Pendinant and longgith to Mr. Keligrewe. It is a mile in cumpace by the cumpace and is almost environid with the se, and where it is no the ground is so low, and the cut to be made so litle that it were insulatid.

There lyith a litle cape of foreland with the haven a mile dim, almost again Mr. Kiligrewis house caullid Penfusis.

Bytwixt this cape and Mr. Keligrew's house one one great arme of the haven rennith up to Penrine toun.

Penrine 3. good miles from the very entery of Falemuth Haven and 2. miles from Penfusis.

There dwellith an auncient gentilman caullid Trefusis at this point of Penfusis.

From S. Mawmon to Pendinas by water a 4. miles. The king hath set his castel on Pendinas at one of the pointes of Falemuth Haven.

Pensinas almost an isle.

Levine Prisklo, alias Levine Pole, betwixt S. Budocus and Pendinas; it were a good haven but for the carre of sande.

The first creke or arme that castith outh on the north west side of Falemuth goith up Perin, and at the ende it brekith into 2. [ar]mes, the lesse to the college of Glasenith, unus viridis nidus, or Wag Meir at Perin, the other to S. Gluvias the paroch chirch of Penrine therby.

Owt of eche side of Penrine Creke br[caketh] out an arme or ever it cum to Penr[in].

Stakes and foundation of stone sette yn the creeke at Penrine afore the toun a little lower then wher it brekith into armes. A gap in the midle of the stakes and a chain.

Good wood about the south and west syde of Penryn.

One Water Good Bisshop of Excestre made yn a more caullid Glesnith in the botom of a park of his at Penrine a collegiate chirch with a provost, xij. prebendaries, and other ministers. This college is stronly wallid and incastelatid, having 3. strong towers and gunnes at the but of the creke.

Appendix II

In the west syde of the haven is a creeke that flowith up fro the haven's mowth ynto the land above iii. myles, at the very hedd of which standeth a prety towne cawled Peryn, of merchandyse, and vytayle market. Withyn the towne ys a colleg wel walled and dyked defensabley cawled S. Thomas, wher be secular chanons and a provost. Also yn the towne ys a chapel, and a quarter of a myle owt of the town ys the paroch chyrch.