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John Norden's, A topographical and historical description of Cornwall

A pretie market towne situate on the heade of a Creeke of Falmouth hauen: it is a Borrow towne, gouerned by a Portreue. It is a libertie of the Bishop of Exeter, who without the towne hath a Mannor called Penryn e bryn. Penrin signifieth a Curled heade, and so is the seale of the towne. Walter Brumscombe Bishop of Exeter buylded at the ende of this towne the Abby of Glasenye, signifying the greene water; which Colledge one Graundesone, Bishop also of the same sea, indowed with greater reuenues: and in theis partes the Bishop of the same see hath good reuenues and fayre woodes. Glunias is the parishe churche of the towne. This towne is verie well serued of all kynde of necessaries, yet not riche; for Truro taketh away all the trade of marchaundice, thowgh situate up further in the Lande.