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Poor Law Overseers

Return made to the deputy Lieutenants at their meeting of persons appointed to take care of persons unable to remove themselves and to charge of and remove the stock of said Borough.

John Adams E
Jno Autrom D
Henry Bargas C
John Bishop G
William Bishop E
Thos Champion C
Jno Clixon A
John Collins A
John Copelan C
Nich Corrin G
Tho Crogger A
George Davy G
Nathan Earle C
Jas Eddy E
Jas Edgecombe B
Edwd Edwards C
John Harris C
Jas Harvascoe E
James James G
Rich Johns A
John Jollife E
Edward Kestle C
John Lawrey A
Walter Mallet C
Will Mallet E
John Mallet Tho Toje C
Fras Moorman A
James Nines A
Will Odger G
Thos Oliver A
Thos Pellow B
Will Pellowe G
Richard Philips A
Jas Phillymore E
John Pike A
Willm Plint E
Simon Rawling A
Nicho Richards G
Robert Richards G
Robt Richards A
Christ Robin D
John Rogers E
Jno Rogers Yeoman F
Thos Roskilly F
John Rowe C
John Rusden A
Walter Rusden A
Wm Rusden A
Chas Scott B
Abel Thomas A
Henry Treloar A
Thos Treloar A
Hugh Trev. E
Will Treweek G
Wm Tucker A
Rev Welch Jnr D
Edward Wilking A
John Williams E
Will Williams (Corpe) C
Jas Williams Jnr E
Saml Winoth A