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Abstracts from some miscellaneous Penryn Wills

Richard James, June 2, 1726, late of the parish of St. Anthony and now of Penryn, cooper

son Nicholas James and his two daughters
daughter Elizabeth wife of John Jennings
Mary Elamsin
daughter Blaurth wife of James Odgers
daughter Jane wife of Peter Chapp
daughter Thomasin wife of James Busming
son Richard James
granddaughter the wife of Solomon Pascoe
grandson John James, the son of Richard James
granddaughter Mary James
granddaughter Olivia James
grandsons William James
son Richard James of St. Ewe
sole executor,
witness, Priscilla Harris, Philippa Edward, John Harris

John Williams, Dec 20, 1748, Penryn, Gentleman

wife, Hannah
sister, Priscilla Williams
two sisters at Bodmin and Gwinear
son, Humphry Williams
daughter, Catherine Williams, not yet 21
Anthony Humphry
Thomas Johns?, innkeeper in Penryn
executor, Humphry Williams
witness, John Tresahar
witness, John Penwarne
witness, Mary Humphry

John Oliver Willyams, May 20, 1786, of Carnanton, Esq.

late father, John Willyams, Esq.
mother, deceased
wife, Charlotte
aunt, Budgman Haweis
uncle, James Willyams
cousin, Humphry Willyams, son of uncle James
cousin, James Willyams the younger, Esq., son of James Willyams
cousin's son, James Bridges Willyams, James Willyams the younger's eldest son
cousin's son, John Champion Willyams, brother of James Bridges Willyams
nephew, John Lemon
nephew, Sir William Lemon, bart.
great nephew, William Lemon, eldest son of Sir William Lemon
great nephew, Charles Lemon, brother of William Lemon Jnr.
cousin, Jane Willy
niece, Anne Fruller, wife of John Pouler, Esq.
Rev. Tho. Haweis of Hedwickle in Northants, Clerk & the Procter of St. Columb Major town, gent.
Tho. Vyvyan ,the younger of Trewan Esq.
Francis Paynter, of St. Columb, Esq.

Benjamin Mitchell, March 18, 1809, Penryn

daughter, Mary Mitchell
friend, Thomas Croggon of Penryn
son and sole executor, Thomas Mitchell, residing in London
witness, Wm Clement

Ann Williams, March 6, 1812, Penryn, Widow

only daughter, Ann Gully Williams
executor, Ann Gully Williams
witness, Francis Paynter
witness, Jas? Paynter

James Mitchell, Nov 3, 1812, Penryn, Mason

widow, Mitchell
witness, Grace Whitaker
witness, Thomas Pellow
registor, William Gray

William Williams, September 4, 1819, Penryn, Merchant

wife, Catherine Williams
son, William Williams
son, Richard Williams
son, John Williams, clerkship
daughter, Susan Williams
daughter, Maria Williams
daughter, Catherine Williams
executor, William Paul, Truro
executor, John Paul, Gwennap, surgeon

William Williams, Nov, 1821, Penryn, Builder

wife, Ann Williams, Penryn
son, William Perkin Williams
daughter, Nancy Williams
apprentice, Peter Clemens
witness, Thomas Cellowe
witness, James Niness

Ann Mitchell, June 23, 1827, Penryn, Widow

executor, Joseph Davey, Penryn, carpenter
daugther and executor, Joanna Mitchell
daughter and executor, Elizabeth Mitchell, spinster
grand daughter, Ann Treweek
son-in-law, Thomas Treweek
brother, John James
sister, Mary James
witness, Elizabeth Davey
witness, John Michell
witness, Stephen J. Johns?
witness, Edward Rapson
witness, Josiah Rapson
registor, William Gray

Catherine Williams, February 18, 1841, Penryn, Widow

son, William Paul Williams, Penryn
son, Richard Williams, Budock
son, John Williams, Penryn
daughter, Elizabeth Williams
grand daughter, Elizabeth Paul Rogers
daughter, Susan Rogers, widow
witness, Mary Treuviena
witness, Elizabeth Cummings

John Williams, April 23, 1864, Penryn, Gentleman

wife, Jane Williams
son, John James Williams, Penryn, carpenter
son, William Tregoning Williams
executor, John Richard Jennings, Penryn, cordwainer
witness, John Jewell
witness, J. Thomas

Elizabeth Williams, June 8, 1864, Penryn, Spinster

brother, John Williams
sister, Susan Rogers, widow
niece, Susan Catherine Rogers, spinster
niece, Elizabeth, wife of Edward Bryan Tweedy
niece, Catherine Paul Rogers, spinster
niece, Anne Maria Rogers, spinster
niece, Emma Catherine Williams, spinster
late niece, Elizabeth, wife of Frederick Cockburn Griffin
nephew, Pearce William Rogers
nephew, Edward Jordan Rogers
nephew, John Mallison Rogers
nephew, Edward Stephen Williams
nephew, Richard Harris Williams
Mary Emma, wife of nephew Richard Harris Williams
great niece, Ellen Susan, wife of George Hambly
great niece, Maria Williams, sister of Ellen Susan
daughter of late niece Elizabeth, wife of James Salmon, surgeon
cousin, Maria Paul, spinster
friend, Anna Johns
friend, Emma Johns
friend, Maria Johns, spinster
witness, Elizabeth Mary Street
witness, Elizabeth Pawson

Louisa Spieker Baker, August 28, 1865, The Terrace Penryn, Spinster

servant, Anne Fox, widow
brother, John Richard Baker
brother, Charles Henry Baker
sister in law, Elizabeth, wife of John Richard Baker
,Mary Ann, wife of Henry Bawden Bullock
,Elizabeth Victoria, wife of William James Bennetts, Gentleman
occupant of house, Elizabeth Opie, widow, Penryn
executor, Reverend Henry Bawden Bullock, formerly of Mullion now of the parish of St. Mary
executor, John Williams, solicitor, of Penryn, Gentleman
witness, Elizabeth Pownell Williams
witness, John Richard Jennings
witness, Mary Buett?
witness, J. H. Thomas